Basketball Drafting Process


UpdatedWednesday September 8, 2021 byCee Riley.

FSA Basketball Drafting Process:


  • Coaches will receive a roster day of the assessments
  • During assessments coaches will take notes on the players during the assessments
  • After the draft is completed coaches will head to the “draft room”
  • There will be a hat pick for the draft order
  • Before the drafting process the following will happen:
    • Impact Players will be listed.  Players who did not make the assessments may be listed if there is a consensus
    • Coaches Will declare their son and assistant coaches son/daughter  and determine draft pick for each child Impacts are always first round picks
    • *** If a coach’s child is not  at the assessments they are a 1st round pick unless the rest of the coaches unanimously agree that the child is not a 1st round pick***
    • If Assistant coaches child is an impact player, their child will be eligible to be drafted by ANY head coach until the end of the second pick unless they are assigned to a headcoach
  • The ONLY players a coach can pick are players at the assessments.
    • If a child is not at the assessments, they are automatically in a hat pick (no exceptions).
    • There are no exceptions to this rule. Only children at the assessments will be picked, everyone else will be randomly assigned.